20 Pounds Heavier

Ahhh pregnancy. A beautiful process they say. If I’m honest, I hated pregnancy. If you loved it, that’s awesome! I admire you. But if you’re like me and you hated it, don’t feel like you are a bad mother! I remember smiling and nodding anytime anyone commented on how lucky I am to go through this experience and how they just loved it!

My pregnancy was okay, definitely not the worst but it was full of some difficult moments. My first trimester, I was met with the infamous “morning” sickness. Let’s stop right here- why the hell is it called “morning” sickness? I was sick all the time! My nausea did not discriminate against any time of day. If you are tired of throwing up and feeling like your baby is going to come out of your mouth, then talk to your doctor about Diclegis or other alternatives.* This magic pill saved me and helped me get through my work day with much more ease.

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert! Always consult with your doctor about what is best for you!

My second trimester was the best of the three. I finally felt more like myself and experienced a major burst of energy. It was good timing since we bought a house and moved!

Finally, came the third and final trimester- a rollercoaster of emotions. I was excited, exhausted, scared, and sad. Really, any of the emotions that exist, i experienced them. I also felt HUGE. I really only gained about 20 pounds since I had lost some in the first couple of months. But, there’s nothing like having all the weight in the front coupled with the insane amount of pressure you feel on your legs, hips, and bladder (might as well get familiar with your bathroom!) I carried to term and even went a few days over my due date and by the time that baby came, I was so ready!

I wanted to share how I got through some of the toughest points of my pregnancy. This is not meant to be the solutions for everyone’s experiences because everyone’s experiences are different.


  • Constant snacking- if I didn’t eat enough, it made it worse. Snacks I liked were- fruits, toast, crackers and rice. (I had major aversions to meat!)
  • Water and Ginger-Ale
  • Diclegis (talk to your doctor if this is a good option for you!)


  • Pregnancy pillow (trust me, worth it!)
  • Lots and lots of pillows


  • See if any other moms are willing to pass on their old maternity clothes. I bought 3 maternity clothing items because I was given lots of hand-me-downs!
  • Old Navy, Target and Kohl’s had stylish, affordable options for maternity wear!

Dealing with Your Pregnancy:

  • I had a lot of anxiety about my pregnancy and new life as a mom. My favorite book to read was The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy. I felt like the author did a great job of engaging the reader and, of course, keeping it real!

I’d love to hear about your pregnancy, even if you loved it, and how you dealt with some of the discomforts and hardships! Comment below!


  1. I didn’t have morning sickness but I was so tired through my entire first trimester. I loved my second trimester and half of the third. Around week 34 I was so ready to not be pregnant but so terrified of actually having my baby. The pregnancy pillow was seriously the best thing ever while pregnant. I did have a lot of fun buying maternity clothes most of which came from asos. I love the idea of this blog, I look forward to more posts!


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